Sunday, May 25, 2008


Off to Alaska...FINALLY! I got in to Anchorage and met up with Tim Ruckle. We got a few hours of birding in before my evening meeting with Forrest Davis of High Lonesome BirdTours.
It was a drizzly gray afternoon but we still had lots of warblers at Kincaid Park: Orange-Crowned, Wilson's and Yellow-Rumped, as well as Downy Woodpecker, Swainsonson's and Gray-Cheeked Thrush. Finished the session at Westchester Lagoon where there were dozens of Mew Gulls, a pair of Cackling Geese and app. 30 Red-Necked Grebes displaying all kinds of courtship behavior. Looked briefly for Hudsonian Godwit but the tide was out and all we could see were distant Godwit views without a positive species ID.
Tomorrow: Nome!

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